What: A challenge, to make a short film in 48 hours. All creative and production work must be completed in this time.

The Twist: Each team draws a genere out of a hat. The film must adhear to this genere. Additionaly, the teams are given a prop, line of dialouge, and a character that must be included in the film.

Why: Why not is the better question. The big prize is your pride and feeling of accomplishment that you sucesfully completed the film. There are prizes and awards for the top winners, as well as exposure of your work at film festivals.

More Details: This is an international project. Each team completes the project on the given weekend for thier city. The films then compete against the other films of that city to make the "Best of  [Your City Here]" reel. Those films are then put up against the best films from other cities for the international winner.

More Information: Check out the official website for more information. The film catalouge is of particular interest to me. It allows you to search films of the previous years. If those teams have posted their films to the internet, they will place a link in this catalouge as well.
Official 48 Hour Film Project Website

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