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Genre: Comedy

Line of Dialouge: "Do you have a breath mint?"

Prop: Congratulations Baloon

Character: D. Poe - Runway Model

When: June 3rd, 2005 7pm - June 5th, 2005 7pm

Ben Benusa - Audio, PA, Lighting Director, Talent
Bob Pfeilsticker - Talent
Brian Prom - Producer, PA, Editor
Dave MacPhail - DP
George Sirbasku - Talent
Jake Carolan - Script
Julia Mehr - Talent
Linda Prom - Talent
Matt Houselog - Script, Director, Audio, Talent
Rob Becka - Props/Costumes, Talent, Soundtrack
Tom Parker - Talent

Team Name: I Want In...

This film was produced for the 48 Hour Film Project, 2005.

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