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Genre: Musical or Western

Line of Dialouge: "Thanks for your help. Thanks Alot."

Prop: A Wallet

Character: Frank or Frankie Mooney - DJ

When: June 9th, 2006 7pm - June 11th, 2006 7pm

Adam Hainlin - Talent
Antonio Kuklok - Talent
Ben Benusa - PA, Audio
Beth Olson - Scriptwriter, Talent
Bob Pfeilsticker - Talent, Soundtrack
Brian Prom - Producer, Talent, Lighting
Dave MacPhail - DP
Derrick Silvestri - Editor
Dusty Peterson - Assistant DP
Erin Kolodzne - PA
George Sirbasku - Director, Talent
Jake Carolan - Script Writer, Talent
Julia Mehr - Talent
Kyle Fletcher - Talent, Costuming
Luke Heinen - Talent
Matt Houselog - Script Writer, Script Supervisor
Rob Becka - Talent, Costuming, Soundtrack

Team Name: I Want In...

This film was produced for the 48 Hour Film Project, 2006.

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