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Theme: Saving

Surprise Element:  

When: June 13th, 2008 7pm - June 15th, 2008 7pm

Adam Hainlin - Talent
Antonio Kuklok - Talent
Amanda Stuart - Talent
Brian Prom - Executive Producer
Brian Scott - Grip
Bryce Zackery - Talent
Cameron Bauhs - Talent
Derrick Silvestri - Editor, Music
Dusty Peterson - Talent, Grip
Erin Rooney - Talent
George Sirbasku - Director, Talent
Gwen Siewert - Makeup and Props
Jenna Wundrow - Talent
Jody Norstedt - Talent
Julia Mehr - Talent
Justin Maas - Production Chief
Kristina Perreault - Talent
Kyle Fletcher - Talent
Matt Olson - Lighting Assistant
Roni Richter - Talent
Ross Lynch - Talent
Ryan Buonamia - Lighting Director
Scott Wittrock - Director of Photography
Tim Frevert - Audio

This film was produced for the 2008 Film Racing.

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