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A Perfect Night (2011)

Genre: Romance

Line of Dialouge: "Tell me about it."

Prop: A Magnet

Character: Les or Lena Olinger, Driving Instructor

When: June 10th, 2011 7pm - June 12th, 2011 7pm

Team Name: One Last Shot

Ashley Schmidt - Talent (Old Lady)
Beth Varela - Music
Brian Prom - Editor
Dan Clement - Talent (Jake Bryan)
David Lucius - Sound Supervisor
Derek Hanson - Camera Operator
Derrick Silvestri - Associate Producer
Eric Rajkowski - Talent (Steve)
George Sirbasku - Director, Talent (D. Poe)
Ingrid Prenger - Script Writer
Jill Zimmerman - Music
Jim Bertram - Storyboard Artist
John Theis - Talent (Angry Convict)
Jon Rotella - Talent (1st Guy)
Julia Mehr - Script Writer, Talent (Lena Olinger)
Justin Turkowski - Director's Assistant
Kyle Fletcher - Script Writer
Mark Albers - Talent (Paul)
Mandy Rotella - Art Director
Mike Jones - Sound Engineer
Sam Lovick - Music
Samuel Mueller - Producer, Script Writer
Scott Wittrock - Director of Photography
Sonia Ho - Talent (Spanish Asian)
Whitney Hanson - Make-up Artist

Special Thanks to:
St. Cloud State University
Papa Johns
KVSC 88.1
Joe's Auto Parts
Quarterton Producctions

This film was produced for the 48 Hour Film Project, 2011.

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