Safari on Windows – Black Background

A great way to browse, huh?  This is an issue I was having the other day.  I’ve seen it in the past too, so I figured I’d post what I know about the issue to help others out.

I’m running Windows 7 64bit on a Dell workstation.  I’m a web developer, so having numerous browsers at my disposal for testing is beneficial; hence why I first installed this browser.  The first time I installed it I got this same look.  I uninstalled, reinstalled, and no go.  My memory escapes me right now as to what I did that finally fixed the issue.  But all was good and the Safari worked fine.

A few days ago I had to tear down my computer to move it, plugged everything back in and all was good.  With the exception of Apple’s Safari web browser.  I was getting the black background issue above.  Any pages opened showed the black, including the menus.

I was able to fix the black background issue by updating the browser through the Apple Software Update software.  I’m now running 5.1.1 and all seems good right now.  I can’t tell you what version I was previously running; the background and text were both black and it wasn’t really possible to read.  ;)

As for what causes this issue, I’m really not sure.  But a few web searches show that it is a bit of a common problem, and may be a glitch in the software.  But there really wasn’t much for answers out on the net that I could find.

I hope this helps!