Anchor HREF Link Meta Data Checker

Enter a URL to view the Link Meta Data

Directions / Reference

Enter a URLs to return the content of the links found on that page. The meta data and content for all of the <a href> tags on the page will be returned.

NOTE: Due to most web pages having a large number of URLs on each page, this tool will take a considerable time to run. Several minutes, up to ten or so minutes for pages with several hundred URLs, can be expected. Let the tool run - it will get back to you when it's done. For this reason, only one URL can be checked at a time.

Anchor HREF Link Meta Data returned:

The Anchor HREF Link Meta Data Checker Tool will return the following information:

  • HREF: The URL found in the href parameter of the <af> tag. This is the path of the link, as defined in the <a> tag itself. This could be an absolute or relative reference depending upon how the website was developed.
  • Absolute URL: The absolute URL of the HREF above.
  • HTTP Response: The HTTP header response of the absolute URL. If a redirect is found, the redirect path is found until either a 200 OK or a 404 response is found.
  • File Extension: The file extension of the file being loaded for this URL. Examples: htm, html, php, and many other options.
  • Content: The content within the <af> tag - the anchor text or image. The response displayed here will either say Text: or Image: followed by the content. Note that if HTML in the <af> tag, this tool will try to display it and it may or may not display as desired. Also, if the content is an image, and the image src is a relative path, the image may display as broken in the tool, however that does not necessarily mean the image is broken on the page.
  • External Link: If the link is an external link (points to a different domain) or an internal (points to the same domain).
  • Title: The value of the <a> title attribute.
  • ID: The value of the <a> ID attribute.
  • Name: The value of the <a> name attribute.
  • class: The value of the <a> class attribute.
  • Style: The value of the <a> style attribute. This is the inline CSS properties. Note: CSS properties inherited by ID or class tags are NOT included.