All Browser Compatible AJAX File Upload that works on Mobile as Well

Sadly an AJAX File Upload method that is all browser compatible (IE7/8+) and that works on mobile doesn’t and can’t exist.

My research shows there is a security issue with this being possible.

There are many solutions out there that use Flash (yuck!) like Uploadify (doesn’t work on mobile).

I’m finding that XHR2 works as a solution for this scenario, however it is not browser compliant.  IE didn’t pick it up till IE10, so sadly this will not be a solution for some time to come….

So what’s a crafty developer to do?

What my research has lead to is that iFrames need to be used to mimic the AJAX feel.  From a usability standpoint, the user could care less as you still built something that is operating how they would expect it to function.

I have looked at many solutions for this problem over a long drug out amount of time… and my research has found a lot of dead ends, ugly code, inflated attempts, etc.  BUT, I came across this solution today and so far I’m quite pleased with how this is put together.
It is an iFrame solution, but it simply works.  :)  The amount of code is strikingly little, it’s browser compliant, it’s simple to setup, and the tutorial was well written and easy to follow.

This will work well for today’s project, and is going to be a HUGE help on a future master-scheme I’ve got working up in my head….  now on to world domination!  muwaha!