AutoHotkey Volume Controls

If you haven’t use AutoHotkey, you’re missing out!

I don’t use it for much (yet), but it certainly can be a life saver to make basic functions so much easier.

My keyboard doesn’t have volume control buttons – so using AutoHotkey I was able to add my own keyboard shortcuts that create this functionality for me.  I used specific keys, but you can configure your setup however you’d like – change the keys and such.  You can find the list of key names for AutoHotkey here.

Use a standard keyboard to control the volume level on your PC with Auto HotKey
Set any keystroke combination to use as volume controls on a standard keyboard. My keyboard doesn’t have media control buttons, but these simple Auto Hotkey commands makes it work just great!

AutoHotkey Volume Control Codes

AutoHotkey Volume Controls

Once you’ve added the above script and restarted AutoHotkey, now using the following commands will adjust your volume accordingly:

  • Increase the volume
    • Ctrl + Number Pad +
  • Increase the volume
    • Ctrl + Number Pad –
  • Mute
    • Ctrl + Number Pad *