D-Link DNS-323 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion

I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro to OS X Mountain Lion form 10.6.xx… whatever silly name Apple gave that version.

All in all, I’m quite happy with Mountain Lion.  HOWEVER, I had an issue with my D-Link 323 NAS box.  I love this little device; it’s a perfect network storage in my mind.  It’s been serving the need well for me.  But Mountain Lion wouldn’t connect to the D-Link DNS-323 at all.

I eventually found some help on a web forum  rather than just using the Network function of the OS X Finder to locate and connect the DNS-323, I have to manually connect to the NAS box.

Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server (or Apple + K on the keyboard).  You’ll need to know your DNS-323 IP address, but type in:
smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and click Connect.  It’ll ask for your user name and password, and you should be connected to the D-Link DNS-323 NAS box!!!!

Now this does mean you’ll need to connect to it every time you reboot your computer, but simple scripts could be written to handle that if you wanted.  I’m fine with the minor effort, partially because I often use my MacBook Pro on other networks.  But I hope this helps!  I know I spent a bit too long trying to find this answer!