Export a WAV Audio File from Any Video Clip with VLC

VLC works amazingly well as a media conversion tool. VLC can open most any video and audio formatted file, and even convert them into a wide array of formats as well. VLC will convert videos to WAV files with ease!

Use these instructions to quickly export the audio track out of any video format to a WAV using VLC’s convert feature.

Export audio tracks from video clips using VLC
VLC is a great free software for exporting audio clips from any video format.

Using VLC to Export a WAV Audio File

  1. From the top menu, choose Media -> Covert / Save
  2. Click Add…
  3. Search for the video file you wish to convert and click Open
  4. Click the Convert / Save button
  5. Select the Profile you wish to export to.
    • NOTE: By default, WAV audio is not an option.  You will need to create it, and it will then showup in the drop-down list for future conversions.
    1. Click the Create a new profile icon (little piece of paper with a yellow star on it)
    2. Enter a name in the Profile Name field
    3. On the Encapsulation tab, select WAV
    4. Click the Audio codec tab
    5. Check the Audio checkbox
    6. Change the Codec to WAV
    7. Set the Sample Rate to 48000 Hz
    8. Click Create
  6. Click Browse for the Destination File and choose where you’d like the file to be saved.
  7. Click the Start button

Download VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free application which is supported on most devices and operating systems. Download your copy of VLC Media Player and start converting video files to WAV audio files.