Identifying breaker for switches and outlets


My wife and I aren’t fans of the almond colored switches, outlets, and plate covers in our house. (And there were a handful of gold, wood varieties as well). So I’ve set out on the daunting mission to replace all of the switches, outlets, and plate covers in the house.

But there is nothing more frustrating than playing the breaker box game… It’s never labeled clearly and tracing down where wires run can be a daunting task… I found my small laundry room uses four different breakers. What a mess (and learning experience the hard way) that was.

So I came up with a plan to identify what breaker every box is on. I’ve done this in the past at a different house, but not well. That plan included a blueprint and Excel document and then things get lost and confusing…

So my new plan is quite simple – mark the breaker number on the backside of the plate. You need to know what it is? Simply pull the plate off with its two screws and you are in the know! Pretty simple and you can’t loose the blueprints or get too confused.

So there you go – there’s my simple DIY tip you can use to help improve your home as you go!