Knowledge Is Power

I know, I’ve heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”. I do consider my self to be a Jack of ‘Many’ Trades, and yes I am a ‘Master’ of some of them at least!

I’ve found that in the current age of the media production age, being a mater of one trade doesn’t cut it any more. The video production world is blending with the internet; the internet has gone mobile; video went mobile with it; TV is on demand; and the formats continue to change and merge. This list could go on and on… We’ve also seen industry standard companies sell out, merge, or fall all together.

Because you are a master of ‘A’ trade, doesn’t mean that you are all set to go. The best you can do is keep up on what is the hot trend of the time and hope for the best.

So what trades am I a ‘jack’ in? Here is the current list.
– Final Cut Pro Studio (Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Livetype, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor)
– Adobe Production Software (Premiere, After Effects Encore DVD, Photoshop, Audition, Flash, Illustrator, Media Encoder)
– Windows and Mac Operating Systems
– MySQL, Microsoft Access
– Microsoft Visual Studio Pro
– Live Television Production (Director, Technical Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Audio Board Operator, Tape Operator, CG)
– Film Production (Pre-Production, Production, Post Production)

I have been in the multimedia field my entire professional career. I enjoy what I do, have a passion for this industry, and want to help others in enjoying the industry as I do!