Magento Held together By Duct Tape

I attempted to log into my account on the Magento Support site (Magento Enterprise customer) today and received a 503 response.  Their error message was just too comical to not share…

Magento Support site 503 error – don’t worry – they will duct tape the website back together!

We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

When presented with a challenge,
we always persevere
To our talented developers
the problem is always clear

We’ll be back up and running
in no time, we assure you
We’ve got plenty of duct tape!
So please return soon

Sadly there wasn’t a contact form on the page where I could have suggested they just plug the Magento software box power cord back into the wall outlet…  The site apparently still works on the mobile phone though because of the Full Page Caching feature working as desired, right?  (God bless the iPhone 4 – don’t we all miss that model?)

But the fact that they state they are going to use duct tape is both alarming and not surprising at the same time…  If you’ve done work in Magento you’ve realized that portions of it clearly relied on duct tape to hold it together…