No computer for 2 weeks…

No, I’m not in trouble with the wife or being punished or anything… Well not directly at least.


My laptop died sadly. The graphics card failed, but the way that Apple designs their computers, the graphics card is built into the logic board. So I dropped it off at the Apple store today to do the repair – that’ll take 3-5 days for the repair. It’s been over a week since the computer was usable already…

Now yes I do use a computer at work still – I’m a web developer so I have to. But it’s a desktop, so it stays there. So how does a computer addict cope in these dire times?

Well there’s my iPhone. Which is how I’m writing this post. But it’s a bad replacement… It has so many limitations. I’ve started a few blog posts on here, tried to do some dev work, etc. and always get frustrated and say “it can wait…”

I needed to backup some data before the repair, but don’t have another Mac in the house. So I dusted off an OLD Windows XP machine and hoped for the best. Let’s just say I abandoned that and “borrowed” my wife’s Windows 7 machine for the backup.

Additionally I’ve spent a fair bit if time working on the other things that need to be done. I’ve done plenty of home repair projects, spent time outside, with my wife, cooking, etc. All of these things are things I love doing so all is good really.

Moral of the story – the dead computer situation is not cool. But on the same note it’s been kinda nice and reliving. However I have clients calling asking for work to be done so I’m sure life will draw me back to my computer addiction soon enough….