OS X – Coda 2 Not Remembering Passwords

I’ve had Coda 2 installed for a while, and have been using it as my primary web site editing tool.  Great tool; it acts as a great text editor, has a full functioning FTP software, and MySQL database access.  (Great since I find the MySQL Work Bench to be slow; Coda 2 is quick with DB updates).

But as much as I’m loving Coda 2, there was one snag.  It wasn’t saving passwords.  I have three sites/domains setup currently, and it’s frustrating to have to type in the FTP and MySQL password for each every time I need to access them.  But I just dealt with it…

But thanks to the help I found at on this forum, I’m not password saved and a happy editor!

Here’s the run down:
– Open the Keychain Access tool (Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain Access)
– Find the FTP, or MySQL record that you need/want Coda 2 to remember the password for.  I used the search box in the top right to filter through it quickly.  Note: it saves by the host name.
– Double click the record to open it
– Click on the second tab: “Access Control”
– Click the radio button for “Allow all applications to access this item”
– Click “Save Changes”

– Open, or close and re-open, Coda 2 and you should be all set to go from here!

I hope this helps you all!