Penguin Whirligig

With the onset of warmer weather in Minnesota comes the opportunity to work in the garage once again without freezing my fingers.  So while taking advantage of this, I decided it was time to try a new project type – a whirligig.

What’ is a whirligig you might ask?  Simply put, its something that spins in the wind.  Think a pinwheel – though those are kids toys…  For me, I decided to go the route of a yard decoration.

A whirligig could be anything really, an airplane, a person, a wheel, an animal…  So many options, so what should I start with?  Why that’s simple – a penguin with spinning fins as it goes sliding along it’s belly.  But why was that the obvious first choice you might ask?  Simple – the penguin is my wife’s favorite animal.  So it only makes sense to make something for her to start.

Here are a few pictures of the first whirligig project.

Penguin whirligig sliding on it's belly
A penguin whirligig. This design is the penguin on his belly with his fins flapping as he goes sliding along.
Penguin whirligig - front view
Front view of the penguin whirligig.
Head of the penguin whirligig
A closeup of the penguin whirligig head.
Pivot point for penguin whirligig fins.
A closeup of the pivot point for the fins on the penguin whirligig.