Photoshop Eraser Cursor

I’ve run into this too many times, and sadly just now figured it out.

Typically the eraser cursor in Photoshop (or stamp tool, etc.) is a circle to show the size.  I’ve seen from time to time though that it is just a cross hair; very frustrating as it doesn’t show the range you are covering.

I’ve played in the settings in the past, and I know there are settings there tied to this, but not my issue as I haven’t modified them and I’m having the issue.

But the shinning light came to me today!  I had accidentally pressed the Caps Lock button.  So when the Caps Lock is on, your eraser cursor becomes a cross hair, rather than the circle I’ve come to know and love.

I hope my ramblings help you out!  I’m sure I’ll end up looking back at this my self.