Win+E to any folder

Lets say you have a folder on your Windows PC that you use all the time.  Daily, hourly, etc.  Or maybe you have more than one folder you like to access often.  What’s the quickest way to open directly to that folder(s)?  Simple – a keyboard shortcut that opens Windows Explorer directly to a specified folder.

But how do you set that?  Windows doesn’t offer such a logical and convenient feature (surprise surprise).  Well aside from the Win + E key that opens Windows Explorer to whatever useless folder it goes to….

Enter your new favorite friend – Auto HotKey.

Auto Hotkey can automate lots of windows tasks, including opening Windows Explorer to a specific folder.
Quickly program keyboard shortcuts to open Windows Explorer directly to a specific directory. Save your self some time and hassle with this quick setup.

AutoHotkey Specific Windows Explorer Window Code

It’s this simple:

The # sign implies the Windows key.  Then pick the letter you’d like and set it in-place of e.  Lastly, set your folder path.

Real Life AutoHotkey Example

Set the Windows + D key to open Windows Explorer to the Desktop folder for user Frank.

That’s it – the script is that simple!