Homemade pizza that makes the pizza restaurants scared

A while back I posted a home made grilled chicken Alfredo pizza recipe. For my birthday, it was down pouring rain and our plans got canceled so I threw together a variation of the chicken Alfredo recipe that was equally as good!


Using the chicken Alfredo recipe crust, I added a marinara sauce. Next was a seasoning layer – freshly ground black pepper, garlic salt, pizza seasoning, and fennel seed. I then added a nice layer of fresh spinach, and some freshly sliced red and yellow peppers. Next, a hearty layer of mozzarella cheese. Lastly, a 1/2 pound of mild sausage with caramelized red onion (see below).

I baked the pizza in the oven since the grill was getting pounded with rain. 425 for 15 minutes or so and it’s ready for the tummy.

Not to toot my own horn, but a week or so after making this we ordered a pizza from a local highly acclaimed pizzeria and I don’t feel they held a candle to this pizza….

I should expand on the sausage a bit. I bought a pound of mild ground sausage. Jimmy Dean is a major name brand for this – the stuff that come in log form like hamburger. Though I used the store brand because it was over a $1 cheaper and really hit the spot! Brown this in a pan over medium heat. I got my hands dirty and pulled the sausage off and rolled it into tiny meatballs just like you’d find on a pizzeria pizza. That’s not required – you could jus brown it and break it up as well. Once the sausage started browning I tossed in a few handfuls of sliced and halved red onions and let them caramelize in the sausage grease. I also seasoned this with a bit of fresh ground black pepper and red pepper flake. I only used half of the sausage – the other half was saved for pasta a few days later.