SEO Tool: Bulk Image Meta Data Inspector

For SEO purposes, and website visitors that use screen readers and other adaptive technologies, the title tag and alt tag for images has a very high level of importance.  That said, why is it that most website owners overlook the title tag and alt tags?  It’s amazing how many websites don’t have these attributes filled in.  But lets be honest we are humans, and so out of site means out of mind.  

The Solution

This is where the empty title tags and alt tags stop my friends – use the PromInc Productions SEO Tools Image Meta Data Checker tool to quickly scan the image meta data in bulk to see where you can quickly enhance your websites SEO and user experience.  You can also do a bulk inspection, analyzing multiple webpages at once.

Image Meta Data Analyzed

  • src attribute
  • Absolute Url
  • HTTP Response
  • Image File Format
  • ALT Tag
  • Tittle Tag
  • Border attribute
  • ID
  • Name
  • Class
  • Inline CSS styles
  • Width attribute
  • Height attribute
  • Image natural width
  • Image natural height
  • File size
Image Meta Data Checker - SEO Tool
Scan a webpage or multiple webpages at once to see the meta data of all of the images on the page. The Image Meta Data Checker tool quickly scans to show you where you have opportunity to improve your websites SEO and user experience.


Analyzing your images meta data is pretty quick with this image meta data checker.  Only 3 simple step:

  1. Enter Webpage URLs
    • Enter the URL(s) of the webpage(s) you wish to analyze into the tool.  URLs can be entered one URL per line, or with a delimiter (comma, semi-colon, or tab).
  2. Run the Image Meta Data Checker Tool
    • Click the Get Image Meta Data button.  The tool will take a few seconds to a few minutes to process depending on the number of URLs you are analyzing and the number of images per page.
  3. Analyze
    • The Image Meta Data tool will display the images and corresponding meta data in a table format for your analysis.  Only data that is found for each image will be displayed – if a particular attribute is not sent for this image it will not be displayed.  You can do deeper analysis though of all of the attributes by exporting the data to a CSV file for viewing in your favorite spreadsheet software.

Image Meta Data Bookmarklet

Add a bookmarklet for the Image Meta Data Checker Tool from the SEO Tools Bookmarklet page for quick access to this SEO tool.  The instructions are all there on how to add the Image Meta Data SEO Bookmarklet to your web browser.  Click it from any webpage to open and run the Image Meta Data SEO Tool to analyze the meta data for the images on that page.